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New Intake 2021

New Intake Reception 2021


We can’t wait to meet all the new children and families who will be joining us in September 2021!


Although restrictions are easing, things are still not back to normal but we are working hard to make sure that your child/children have the smoothest transition possible to Radipole Primary School. In normal circumstances, children and parents would be invited into the school to meet with us and to get to know the classroom environment. This year we held a Zoom meeting (video below), and shared information directly with new parents or through the website to try to help to ease any worries you may have about your child starting school this autumn term. We are aware that this is an anxious time in normal circumstances, but we will do our best to ensure that our new children have a happy start to their school life.


Forms to complete and return


Please can all parents fill in the first 2 forms below. Please download the documents to fill in on-screen and email them back if possible. Paper copies are available from the school office.

Please email this back to Mrs Wade in the school office, at

Please email this back to our Early Years leader, Mrs Mullins, at


Please can all parents read the following letter; if you are in receipt of certain benefits, the school can receive extra funding from the Government which will really make a positive difference to the opportunities and facilities the school can provide. Please do complete this form if this applies to you as the extra money is very valuable, and the school will otherwise miss out on money it is eligible for.

Please email this back to Mrs Wade in the school office, at


Our Early Years leader is the lovely Mrs Mullins, seen in the welcome video below. The other Reception teacher will be the lovely Miss Hardy.


  • In the first video, Mrs Mullins introduces parents to life in Reception, and some current Reception children show some of the wonderful things they can independently, such as washing their hands, zipping up coats, using a knife and fork, and reading.
  • The second video shows the school site, classrooms, cloakrooms and toilet area.
  • The third video is a recording of the Zoom meeting held on 16th June 2021 with Mr Barker, Mrs Mullins and Miss Hardy.

Welcome to Reception at Radipole

Talk to Parents

Zoom Meeting, 16th June 2021