Radipole Primary School

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Cars & Parking

Parking is strictly prohibited in the school grounds at all times during the school day, except for permit holders. A barrier is locked closed between 2.30 and 3.30 pm to prevent traffic moving in or out of the grounds at the time the children are leaving.


It is vital that access for emergency vehicles is not hindered by cars parking in the school entrance when the barrier is down.


Dropping off is allowed in the mornings, onto the path adjacent to the gravel turn-around, but cars must not be left unattended.


We urge parents who need to come by car to park safely and with consideration and courtesy towards local residents. The police will take action against drivers who are in contravention of the law by causing obstruction or parking illegally. We are grateful for your co-operation in this matter. The safety of children is paramount and outweighs the inconvenience of walking a few extra meters to school.


A ‘lollipop person’ (School Crossing Patrol) is stationed immediately outside the school gates before and after school.