Radipole Primary School

Happy, kind and brave.

Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Who's Who

Meet the Team


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Kathy McCann - Head Teacher
Mrs Sally House - Deputy Head
Mrs Natalie Hilton - Special Needs Coordinator and Assistant Head
Mrs Michelle Mee - Phase Leader for Years 5 & 6
Mr Pip Bowden - Phase Leader for Years 3 & 4
Mrs Karen Ireland - Phase Leader for Years 1 & 2
Mrs Helen Mullins - Early Years Leader
Mrs Kelly Elliott - School Business Manager


Teaching team



Mrs Helen Mullins
Miss Sophie Hardy
Mrs Sally House

Mrs Natalie Hilton

Mrs Sophie McCarthy - TA

Mrs Lynne Bartlett - TA

Ms Nikki Hallam - TA

Miss Beth McCann - TA 


Year 1

Mrs Karen Ireland
Mrs Kayleigh Ayles
Mrs Esme Satherley
Miss Hilary Brown - TA
Mrs Kathy Dreher - TA
Mrs Natasha Coltart - TA


Year 2

Mrs Sally Mutch
Mrs Alex Eaton
Mrs Tamasine Price
Miss Holly Roberts 
Ms Sandee Bury - TA
Miss Emily Dyer - TA
Mrs Helen Downes TA

Miss Beth McCann - TA



Year 3

Mr Nick Hargreaves
Miss Nikki Charlesworth
Mrs Linda Bond - TA

Mr Harry James - TA



Year 4

Mr Pip Bowden
Ms Fiona Probert
Mrs Janet Hunter - TA
Mrs Kathy Westhead - TA
Mrs Maggi Dilkes - TA
Miss Ellie Jones - TA



Year 5

Mr Jimmy Topham
Miss Megan Beare
Miss Whitney Bussell - TA
Mrs Christine Smith - TA


Year 6

Mrs Michelle Mee
Mr Jak Ford
Mrs Andrea Johnson - TA
Miss Kate Norman - TA
Mrs Lisa Teversham - TA



Teaching Support Staff

Mrs Shelley Turnbull - HTLA
Mrs Jane Hutchins - HLTA


Support Staff



Mrs Ruth Miller - Administrative Officer
Mrs Lisa Bowden - Administrative Officer


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Nicole Pyne
Mrs Sally McAuslane
Mrs Maria Thompson
Mrs Claire Young
Mrs Diane Beades
Miss Amanda Baptiste
Mrs Linda Martin (Casual)
Mrs Kim Mowlam (Casual)


Breakfast Club

Mrs Denise Trowbridge
Ms Elaine Stanley

Mrs Claire Young

Miss Ellie Jones 


After School Club

Ms Sandee Bury
Miss Lucy Davis
Mrs Janet Hunter

Miss Sally Maskell

Miss Emily Dyer



Mr Ian Hathaway​ - Caretaker/Handyman
Mrs Lou Hodder - ​Cleaner
Mrs Lyn Lavelle - Cleaner
Miss Kymberly Peach - Cleaner


Miss Siobhan Walsh - Cook
Mrs Wendy Tranter - Kitchen Assistant
Mrs April Francis-Clark - Kitchen Assistant 
Miss Lucy Davis - Kitchen Assistant