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PE curriculum vision

“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity
when the body is healthy and strong.” -  John F Kennedy

“Sport has the power to change the word. It has the power to inspire. It has the power to unite people in a way that little else does.” – Nelson Mandela

Purpose and Intent
Our vision at Radipole Primary School is to use Physical Education as a tool which enables all children to be encouraged to lead healthy and physically active lives, both now and in the future. Through the teaching of Physical Education at Radipole, and the broad range of sporting opportunities that we offer, we aim to develop the children’s curiosity and passion for Physical Education. We believe that Physical Education is a vehicle for children to develop resilience, fairness and respect, and through quality teaching, children are encouraged to hold high aspirations and fulfil their potential through PE and other areas of their learning. The ultimate goal is to enable the children to make educated choices about physical activity throughout their lives and to promote positive attitudes towards personal hygiene, fitness and health as well as encouraging collaboration and perseverance. As a school, we share the vision that Physical Education is not only important for children’s physical health but also their mental health therefore focussing on self-esteem and personal goals and celebrations through PE.


Implementation and Realisation:

At Radipole, the Sports Premium is spent carefully and effectively to ensure that we are giving all children the best possible opportunities in Physical Education and sport. Whilst adhering to the PE National Curriculum, we ensure that the delivery of 2 weekly PE lessons across the school is progressive, inclusive and ambitious, allowing all children to succeed and become physically confident while having fun. We have used the Sports Premium to purchase ‘Real PE and Real Gym’ which ensures that children are developing holistically and progressively throughout their primary PE journey.  The curriculum for PE is delivered throughout the whole school and the repetition of sports is part of our coverage to allow children to refine and further their skills that they have already learnt previously. This allows the children to transfer skills learnt in one activity/sport and relate it to another, always building upon what they have learnt or skills acquired. This clear progressive learning develops a range of personal, social, physical, health & fitness, cognitive and creative abilities, and aligns PE with ‘The Radipole Way’ of whole school learning attitudes and overall ethos. We have utilise another scheme (The PE Hub) which provides children with the opportunity to take part in those more ‘conventional sports’ and aid staff members when teaching PE. At Radipole, teachers are provided with CPD opportunities and support from external coaches to improve their own subject knowledge and ensure they are confident in the teaching of PE. Children are also provided with opportunities from local sport coaches and clubs, offering links to local sporting activities where children can continue to thrive and develop a love for physical activity outside of school. At Radipole, we feel that PE is a great way to inspire leadership skills and teamwork. We have sports ambassadors in UKS2 who act as role models, encouraging active playtimes, and support peers and younger children in afterschool clubs and during PE lessons. Physical development is also explored through the use of our Nature Reserve, where outdoor learning thrives and children are encouraged to learn life skills while being physically active. In EYFS and KS1, there has been a focus on fine motor skills to improve not only the children’s physical ability in PE lessons, but support their learning in other subjects. In Year 5, the children are given the chance to take part in outdoor and adventurous activities. These can include physical opportunities such as; paddle boarding, rock climbing and kayaking – all of which encourage the children to experience and enhance rarer opportunities. To promote active playtimes, we have a ‘Scrap pod’ on both playgrounds, where children are encouraged to use their imaginations, collaborative skills and take risks through physical play. Rope swings and dens are just a few examples of the children’s creations. Radipole has its own swimming pool, which allows all children to swim in the summer term every year. Living in a coastal area, we feel it even more essential that children are confident in the water and the lesson planning incorporates survival in the water as well as swimming techniques.


Impact and Evaluation
We believe that when PE is taught well, it is an extremely powerful tool in ensuring that children are lifelong learners and healthy citizens. A well planned and delivered PE curriculum allows children to experience success and in turn, be physically active throughout secondary school and into their adult life. By providing the children with a wide range of physical and competitive activities we encourage them to develop lifelong skills such as resilience, fairness and respect which we believe shapes well-rounded individuals with qualities that are essential to succeed in all areas of life. As a result or swimming teaching, most of our children are able to swim the National Curriculum expectation of 25m by the time they leave Year 6. The uptake of places at our extra-curricular clubs is high and we regularly attend competitions provided by Dorset School’s Partnerships and other external agencies throughout the year.