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School Council

Radipole School Council

Each class have two school council members who are voted in by their class each year. They work with Mrs Hilton and Mrs Satherley to help all the children in the school to have a voice.

School Council 2022 - 2023

Year 1 - Erica, Emmie, Jivin, Amelie

Year 2 - Avery, Eadie, Bodie, Olivia

Year 3 - Phoebe, Theo, Lidia, Finley

Year 4 - Caleb, Megan, Zayaan, Florence

Year 5 - Jacob, Erin, Amelia, Ted

Year 6 - Gino, Lola, Austin, Lilly

School Council Meeting 19/10/22

The school council met at 8.45 this morning. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • What does being a school councilor mean?
  • School Council to check to see if all classrooms have suggestions boxes, and if not, they will make one.
  • School Council are going to explain to their classes what their suggestions boxes are for and give examples of sensible suggestions.


School Council Meeting 2/11/22

The school council met at 8.45 this morning. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • School council updated Mrs Hilton on whether they had managed to organise their suggestion boxes. 
  • We discussed what to do for Children in Need. Lots of ideas were put forward and the final decision was to wear something spotty. Gino, Amelia and Theo will write something to go out to parents via Parentmail.

School Council Meeting 30/11/22

The school council met at 3pm this afternoon. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • Mrs Hilton was able to share with school council that the total raised for Children in Need was £395.12. Mrs Hilton will ask Mrs Rook to send this information out via Parentmail so everyone is updated. 
  • 6M's Suggestion Box had lots of requests for more 'Ultimate Football Heroes' books in the library. Mrs Hilton will pass this on to the English team for when they are next ordering new books. 
  • Megan suggested Christmas music to be played during our Christmas lunch on the 14th Dec. We all agreed that this is a good idea so Mrs Hilton will investigate this. 
  • Mrs Hilton asked the School Council to chat to their classes about behaviour in school and feedback next week. Mrs Hilton will let the class teachers know to find five minutes to do this. 

School Council Meeting 23/01/23

The school council met at 8.45am this morning.

Mrs Hilton explained about upcoming Head Teacher interviews and that School Council would be meeting the candidates. 

School Council also decided on some important questions to ask the people being interviewed. The School Council are looking forward to being part of such an important task!  

School Council Meeting 8 & 22/02/23

The school council met at lunchtime with Mrs Satherley. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • Mrs Satherley explained that the school would like to develop some of our KS2 playground to have a designated quiet area. 
  • School Council agreed that this was important. They also raised the issue of the 'Buddy Benches' needing updating. 
  • At the following meeting the children discussed which areas could be developed to be quiet zones and how this would work. 
  • Mrs Satherley will chat to Mrs McCann and Mr Hathaway about making plans for this.  

School Council Meeting 01/03/23

The school council met at 845 this morning. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • Mrs Hilton explained the Red Nose Day was coming up. What would the children like to do this year?
  • School Council discussed in small groups what would be sensible suggestions. We thought a lot about what is manageable for families and not too expensive. 
  • The final decision was to wear something spotty as part of non-school uniform and make a small donation. A great idea was to bring a joke to share with the class on Friday 17th March. 
  • Mrs Hilton asked some of School Council to write to families via ParentMail to share our ideas.  

School Council Meeting 26/04/23

The school council met at 845am this morning. Here is a brief summary of what was discussed:

  • Mrs Hilton wanted to find out children's thoughts about behaviour across the school as we have had a new Behaviour Policy this term. 
  • School Council generally agreed that behaviour is good at Radipole and they like being given Dojos and class rewards. 
  • Where there is some poor behaviour, the children felt that this was dealt with and the Reflection Sheets are working well, though not many are given out which is good! 
  • School Council were very keen to talk to our visitor, Mr Howes, about behaviour when he was in school later that day.