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Lunch Menus


Our Lunch Menu


  • We guarantee that you will find it very user-friendly. Simply register on the system and link your account to your child’s details using your unique authorisation code.
  • You will have received the code in a letter via the school office.
  • You can order online for the Autumn term, and payments are completely secure.
  • Please allow 7 days notice to order or cancel a meal.
  • If your child has allergies, please check local food links website to find a full list of allergens contained in our recipes:
  • Please can we remind you that it is your responsibility to order meals that your children can safely eat and if this is something you would like to discuss with us in more detail contact Gill Reynolds on 01305 428921.
  • You may choose to provide a packed lunch for your child. To complement our teaching on healthy living eating, we would ask that sweets, chocolates and fizzy drinks are not put into lunchboxes.


Your Hot Meals For Free – All Key Stage 1 Pupils


  • All pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 are now eligible for free school meals.
  • You can continue to order in the usual way online at but there will be no payment charged for any child in Key Stage 1.


Eligibility Criteria For Key Stage 2 Pupils


The existing entitlement to free school meals for pupils in Key Stage 2 will continue as now, based on the existing free school meals eligibility criteria. In England, children are entitled to receive FSM if their parents or carers are in receipt of certain benefits.


For more information on free school meals contact Dorset For You on 01305 221000 or apply online


Children in Key Stage 1 also have the opportunity to have a piece of fruit each day, part of a Government backed scheme. Children in Key Stage 2 are encouraged to bring a small piece of fruit each day for morning break.

Local Food Links


To view the current menu on offer please select the link below, click on 'For The Parents' and scroll down to 'What's On The Menu Today'