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13 May 2022 Year 4 – It’s all sunshine, sports and coasts

Another happy week in Year 4. We have been enjoying the sunshine with our swimming lessons and our PSHE lessons outside. In PSHE, we always start each lesson with a Connect game, this helps us to focus on the lesson ahead. We had our second swimming lesson which was lots of fun, and already we are developing our confidence and strokes. We continued to enjoy the sunshine when we had our PE lesson on Friday. We developed our hand/eye coordination in Rounders and even managed a game too!

In class, we have continued with our Topic work on coasts, and looked at the route we will take to Leeson house next week.  We linked our English work to our geography work, writing a non-chronological report about coasts. Check out some of our work. Next week, we are off to our long-awaited trip to Leeson House. Look out for some super photos!