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Year 2 - Busy, busy, busy!



The Year 2 children have been very busy this week. In RE, we have been looking at the Christmas Story.  We learned that Christians believe that Jesus came to earth to teach us to love one another so that the world would be a better place.

The children have been busy learning their words and songs for their forthcoming Christmas production.

In English, we have been looking at how letters are written, and we have read a super story called ‘Dear Greenpeace’ that was written entirely of letters!

The children’s finger have been busy too with developing their sewing skills. This week, they looked at how to sew on buttons, and how to use the running stitch they learned last week, to sew two pieces of felt together.

There were many busy bouncing bodies in our Multi-skills lesson too. Bouncing over hurdles, off the gym box and through ladders! A super shout out to those children who went to Budmouth this week to take part in similar activities, that were led by the GCSE students. 

With three weeks to go until the end of term, the children look like they are going to be as busy as the elves in the North Pole! The children can show where the North Pole is on a map!