Radipole Primary School

Happy, kind and brave.

Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Year 2 - Different ,yet the same!

What a great start to the new academic year! The children have found that many things are the same as last year: the same lessons; the same play times; lunches are just as delicious; and our fun and caring friends are as wonderful as ever.

Of course, the children have also found that many things are different. They have new classrooms, so drop-offs and pick-ups are in a new place. They have new teachers and TAs who will help them with their learning. They also have responsibilities to help keep our school environment and classrooms organised, safe and happy.  The children already have coped brilliantly with these changes.

To the teachers, they all look a little bit different, for they seem to have grown over the holidays! We hope they continue to grow throughout the year by being happy, kind and brave.

A great first week – well done, Year 2.