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Year 2 - For the love of books!

For the love of books…

What a wonderful start to the week for Year 2. On Monday, the children made such a sensational effort to dress up as some amazing book characters. We must pass on a huge thank you to all the parents and carers who made this such a memorable experience for all of the children. The range of characters were simply astounding.

The day was further hi-lighted with a zoom visit from Catherine Barr, a children’s non-fiction writer. She shared some of her fascinating books that contained some important facts and messages about our planet and the animals that live on it. Back in class, we studied one of Catherine Barrs book called ‘What jobs could you do?’ By answering some of the questions form the book, the children were able to decide on a job that would suit them when they are older. We discovered that we have a range of zookeepers, gamers, fashion designer, teachers and professional athletes.

The children went on to create their own character plates using some of the designs that had they planned at home.

The children from both classes also really enjoyed the shared reading sessions that they had with the older children.

The week ended on a high with ‘Loo-uvre’ gallery of toilet roll characters. What a fabulous exhibition of creative characters!

It is a true, Year 2 children love books!