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Year 2 - Learning from those around us

This week, the children have been learning a lot as usual, but not just in our regular classroom lessons.


On Monday, children in 2H had an assembly form a visiting headteacher, who spoke to the children about books and creating interesting titles. Class 2P had an extra special assembly from Mrs McCann who shared many fascinating facts about books. Did you know the most purchased book in the world is the Bible? The Bible is one many different sacred religious books. In Judaism, the sacred book is The Torah.


This half term, Year 2 children have been learning about Judaism and about the Passover feast, a celebratory event in the Jewish calendar. Daniel’s mum came in to talk to the children about her faith, and about Passover. At the Passover feast, the food is specifically chosen to symbolise the story of the Exodus story, and is carefully laid out on the Seder plate. It helps them to retell this historical story. Mrs Greenfield brought in some Matzo bread for the children to try. They also tried parsley and horseradish (truthfully tartare sauce bought by accident instead of horseradish!), which is used to symbolise the bitter times they endured before being freed. 


In the Nature Reserve, we learned how to use a proper compass to help locate NSEW. The children also had fun making clay wombat and creating a home for it deep in the Reserve.


In our weekly singing lesson, the children are learning the new Radipole song. This song was written and composed by Mr Hargreaves (with a little extra help from his friends). Watch out for our performance sometime in the near future!


Don’t forget to look at the birds in your garden or park this weekend. The Eco Team sent out a letter about it. Hopefully, you will all be able to take part in this important event.