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Year 2 - MAKING!

Year 2 have been very busy MAKING many things in class this week!


In DT, they used their designs and started MAKING their glove puppets. The designs for their puppets had to match the criteria for a specific client.  Some clients wanted tigers or princesses, and our designers had to create a puppet that they would love!

The children have also been very busy MAKING Candy Creatures to sell at the school Christmas Fayre. They used their sewing skills to create amazing snow-people and reindeers. We know they will be a huge success at the fayre.

In Maths, the children have just started a topic on Shape. Again, they have been very busy MAKING different polygons using lollipop sticks. They created some super 2D shapes clearly showing the vertices and sides.

The children also had the opportunity to meet and talk to Archer’s grandma in 2MH, who came to share her experiences of visiting Antarctica. She showed us a host pf photos from penguins to walruses. She told the children of her adventures and was able to answer lots of questions too. It was magnificent!

Next week, on Friday 9th December, at 2:30pm, it is our Christmas Production, where we hope the children will be MAKING lots of parents and grandparents very happy!