Radipole Primary School

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Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Year 2 - Rock!

What a fabulous week! On Tuesday, the children had a fantastic morning being super explorasauruses. The children, along with many parents, were introduced to the Times Tables Rock Stars site where they learned to login and explore the Jamming and Garage activities.

Even though the children were only introduced to the X and ÷ symbols this week, they certainly rocked it! During our open morning, the children explored different activities used to developed their understanding of multiplication and division. They created  multiplication arrays, and number lines .They also matched arrays to calculations and repeated addition, Whether it was their amazing costumes, or the support of their parents and careers, the children were sensational. A big SHOUT OUT to the parents and carers who could make it. We thank you!

In PSHE this week, the children had to work hard with our other Learning Dinosaur – the Collabadon. The children were encouraged to work in teams to create one piece of work. It took a lot of patience, give and take, and respect for each other to succeed in this task. It was a great challenge, yet they managed it! Well done Year 2!