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Year 2 - Visitors

Thursday was a simply wonderful day for Year 2 with many different visitors.

Our first visitor came during our KS1 singing assembly. The children were pleasantly surprised with a visit from Pudsey Bear. He came in to remind the children about all the good work that the Children In Need charities are able to do because of everyone raising money.  Next Friday is the official day for Children in Need, and we are celebrating it in school by having a non-uniform day.

Our second visitor was our Coach Emily who came in to teach more multi-skills. This week the children worked on rolling different balls. They enjoyed the tails warm-up game. The children were really great Collabadons when they played the gate game too.

Our third visitors on Thursday was Reverend Nick and Laura. They came in to share some stories with the Year 2 children. Check out our story sequencing photo.

What an exciting week! Ps…the children are also secretly learning songs for the Christmas show, and now have lines to learn too. We will share our show with parents on Friday 9 December at 2:30pm.