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Year 4 - Bigger, faster, brighter!

Bigger ... year 4 have been working with bigger numbers in Maths this week. We have started to look at identifying and representing numbers up to 10,000, and how they might look on a variety of number lines.

Bigger ... in our Reading and English lessons, we have continued with our work on Beowulf. We have met the evil Grendel who is the biggest monster, and the hero Beowulf who is the strongest. The children have written some fantastic character descriptions of this mighty hero using their expanded noun phrases.

Faster... in hockey, the children have become much more confident with holding the stick and being able to dribble the ball with greater speed and accuracy.

Brighter ... in Science the children have been making their own circuits exploring different outputs and different objects that will keep the electricity travelling around the circuit. They worked out that more batteries can make the lights brighter!

Lots of investigative fun!