Radipole Primary School

Happy, kind and brave.

Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Year 4 - Day 1 - Leeson House

Hello from Leeson Mansion - well that is what the children called it as we approached the house. 


After being welcomed by the fantastic staff here at Leeson, we were quickly out on our first adventure: our long walk to Dancing Ledge. We had some amazing stories told along the way, lots of snacks and drinks, and lunch was the best with some spectacular views. 

We had a long walk down, and ascending back up the hill was a huge task. What a great bunch of walkers! We managed to get back in time just as the first drops of rain fell!


We found our rooms, practised the fire drills, and then had the hard task of carrying our suitcases to our rooms. The staff are superheroes for helping lug some huge bags. Next it was time for making beds...well that's a story in itself!


As I type this blog, I am in one of the rooms keeping them company as they settle down to sleep. The long walk, fantastic evening meal and entertaining night should have made them all very sleepy! 


The children are all doing great  Goodnight from Year 4