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Year 4 - fabulous footballers!

Year 4 had the privilege of attending a very bright and sunny St George’s Primary School for an annual football tournament. The boys hadn’t played together before, and after a nervous start, they broke the deadlock in their first game and won the game 1-0.


Throughout a well-contested group stage, they remained undefeated and won the group by the maximum amount of points. In the semi-final, a penalty awarded from an opposition handball resulted in a narrow and nerve-racking victory for the boys. Once again, the final game of the tournament was tense before the Radipole team were victorious for the entire tournament! The team scored lots of great goals, did not concede any goals throughout the entirety of the day, with super defending and blinding goalkeeping. 


Well done boys, you were simply incredible and you should be proud! Thank you very much to Mr Ford for organising and taking the team.