Radipole Primary School

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Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Year 4 Fabulous & Marvellous!

Friday's are always 'Fabulous!' in year 4, for we have our outdoor PE sessions and French with Mrs Smith. We have been learning the names of our family members, for example, my mother is ma mère!


We have also been rather 'Marvellous' during our Mindfulness lessons. On Wednesday, the MHST (Mental Health Schools Team) came to visit. This week, we talked about what makes a friendship work and concocted a Friendship Soup!

We shall certainly try to follow their advice: 

'The only way to have a friend is to be a friend.'

'Treat others the way you want them to treat you.'


Funnily enough, those two adjectives - marvellous and fabulous have the same ending as our spelling rule this week! We have been looking at adding the -ous suffix to our root words. 


What a joyous week!