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Year 4 - Leeson House Day 2

After a good night's sleep we were up and eager to get going on our second day at Leeson House.


Day 2 was almost as sunny as day 1 until later on in the day the heavens opened up. Luckily, we had most of our outdoor activities done by the time the rain poured down.


We found some great wildlife pond dipping. Some of us were a bit unsure of the creatures we found, but we all gave it a good go. 


We also did some map work. We were shown how to orientate the map, and we used compasses to locate north, south, east and west. We do love a bit of Geography!


The team games we played were great fun. Some of us were better then others, but we all had a laugh giving them a good go. 


And...the exciting bit...we got to visit the Leeson shop! I'm sure all the parents will enjoy seeing the things we chose to buy when we get home. 


Breakfast, lunch and dinner has all been great, and we are certainly being well fed. 


All very tired but happy (including the teachers).