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Year 4 - Leeson House Day 2

A perfect day!
The children woke early and were raring to go! Most enjoyed a fabulous shower and came into breakfast smelling of tropical oceans and old spice!

Breakfast offered the children a choice of cereals and yogurts and as much toast as they could possibly eat.

Mr Hargreaves then set about undertaking the room inspections! Usually an easy task, as some rooms are often fabulous and some not so much, but this year most of the rooms were outstandingly tidy!

The morning and afternoon sessions have just been sensational! The children demonstrated some sensational geographic skills! Excellent compass skills helped the children to use their maps successfully to discover the different ordinance symbols around the Leeson grounds.

They all had a fascinating time exploring the pond-life at Leeson house. They used super scientific skills to read classification cards. Their knowledge and curiosity knew no bounds! Absolutely wonderful.


The fun continued with the children going to the 'unnatural'  nature reserve! I shall let them tell you about that one, but it is something they wanted to replicate it in our nature reserve.

The children also went to a sensory cocktail party!

After a fantastic pizza dinner, the children were ready to play some games to finish off our day. Leeson house provided some fabulous team games activities- what a super, clever bunch if collabradons year 4 are! What super team spirit. They even took in the ultimate whole year Toad in the Hole game which was no easy feat!

And so, with our stomachs full of delicious hot chocolate, our money spent on souvenirs we go to bed happy  We are all looking forward to our final trip tomorrow, and to returning home a little bit stronger and a whole lot exhausted!