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Year 4 - Science eggs-periment!

Welcome to our Blog! We are looking forward to sharing some of our learning and exciting news for each week here on the Latest News.

We have already put up a copy of the Leeson House PowerPoint Presentation that we shared with the parents on Wednesday evening. We are not quite sure who is more excited, the children or the teachers!

QUESTION: What do the following people have in common: chefs, scientists, reporters, composers and explorers?

ANSWER: You can find them all in Year 4 this week!

After looking at where different foods come from, we have begun our journey of becoming Master Chefs! On Monday, Mrs Kiy and Ms Probert demonstrated how to make a pasta sauce. What is so exciting about that? I hear you ask. Well, it means that next week, the children will be making their own pasta sauces and adapting the recipe by adding their own ingredients. We have attached the basic recipe below, for they may want to have a test run at home! As scientists, we have started our week-long Science investigation: How does changing the liquid affect the shell of an egg? This investigation is linked to our work on teeth and teeth decay. Watch this space…..

We have also been news reporters writing an article about a frog invasion. In orchestra, we have not only been learning Beethoven’s 5th Symphony but composing our own music. We have explored different of ways of multiplying numbers by using a number of different strategies!

A busy week, yet we all can’t wait for next week to begin! Will our recipes be tasty and delicious? What will happen to the eggs? Find out next week!