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Year 4 - Scrummy, yummy!


Year 4 – 28th January

Scrummy, Yummy! -The results are in!

Last week, we started our Science investigation where we used eggs to represent our teeth. We asked the question: How does changing the liquid alter the shell of the egg? Our photo tell it all! As scientists, we had to record our results and make a hypothesis. A hypothesis is just a technical word for what we discovered. We were all surprised to see the outcomes. Why not ask the year 4 scientists what they discovered?

In PE, we have been working on our physical skills to better our reactions. We had to be very quick! Catching a ball from a particular height and from a specified distance is extremely hard work!

We have continued to develop our Beethoven work in Music. We have also listened to, and played some jazz music. Again, watch this space…

Unsurprisingly, the highlight for all of the Year 4 children this week has been our DT, where the children put on their aprons, and became master chefs – creating their own pasta sauces by adding a variety of extra ingredients.

Their recipes and reactions were positively amazing! They can now all cook a family meal for everyone to enjoy!


PLEASE BE AWARE: Your child may ask you to take them to the sculpture park on Portland, for they have been learning about the Roy Dog. Take them there, and they will entertain you with a story that may haunt you! Go and explore our local area- you'll be surprised at what you can discover!