Radipole Primary School

Happy, kind and brave.

Together we learn, together we grow, together we soar.

Year 4 – Spectacular work!

This week the Year 4 children have worked tremendously hard in every subject!

In English, they wrote some amazing instructions for creating some SPECTACULAR fireworks which included adding in some spectacular ingredients and using some bossy verbs – Imperative verbs.

In Maths, they have worked spectacularly to calculate fractions for a number using their D.A.D.’s help – (Draw A Diagram).

The whole school were very proud to see Year 4 being the first year group to perform in our singing assembly. They really were SPECTACULAR!

Finally, we are so very, very proud of the spectacular effort that the children made today. Their non- uniform donations collected a whopping amount of money.  THANK YOU to all the parents and to the children; many of whom raided their own money-boxes. in order to donate. SPECTACULAR!