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Year 4 - The 4 T's!

Year 4 – The 4 T’s

This week and next week is all about the 4 T’s: Trip, Tournaments, Torches and Time Travel!

The children had a fantastic time on their Trip to the St Aldhelm’s Church. They walked sensibly to the church and performed their Harvest Festival songs brilliantly. A big thank you to the parents for their support in escorting the children.

The Tournaments for Year 4 are two-fold. Some of the children took part in a class Hockey tournament in PE. Here they showed their collabadon skills as well as using their hockey skills. Unfortunately, the weather was not kind to 4P who got soaked, and 4B had to abandon the games. However, they did have a fabulous dance time instead. The next Tournament that will take place is the TTRS tournament. The children have taken up the challenge of competing against each other in a Year 4 times- table challenge.

Another T is for Torches. Next week, the children will be making their Torches in DT. We hope their clients will be happy with their finished products.

Our final T is Time travelling. Next Friday is our Year 4 Anglo-Saxon Day, so we will time travel back to that era.

Remember to bring in any equipment for DT, and your outfit for Anglo-Saxon day.