Radipole Primary School

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Year 4 Tryasaurus and Explorasaurus x 66!

This week has seen the Year 4 doing all sorts of different activities. 


In Art, the children have started their digital art projects. After looking at a modern digital art artist, Vera Molnar, the children took their own photographs to explore the different tools available on an i-pad . 


In Maths, we have started our new topic on Angles and Turns revising the angle descriptions of acute, right angle (not angel) and obtuse. We even had a go at creating our own.


The spelling lesson this week has seen the children in the sunshine, attempting their new spelling words: using the prefix anti-  ready to help them with their spelling homework. 


Whilst PE was rained off on Thursday, we managed to get in the swimming pool and continue to develop our confidence and stroke skills.