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Year 5 - World Book Day and Trip to Shire Hall

Year 5 children have had a super week! They visited Shire Hall in Dorchester and found out about a Victorian boy, Elijah Upjohn, who was first imprisoned and punished at the age of 11 for stealing a pair of trousers. Later on in his life, he was transported to Australia. The children used sources to discover more about this young man and were astonished to learn his tragic true story. The children visited the tiny, cold cells, and then they performed a play in the courtroom. Oscars for everybody!


The children had a fabulous time on World Book Day, designing and drawing time machines and writing instructions to operate them. They also started considering what life might be like for them in 50 years' time! At the end of the day, they snuggled up in their pyjamas to listen to a bedtime story. We hope they slept well that night!