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Year 6 - A visitor and a trip in one week!

On Monday, storyteller, Daniel Moredon, came to visit Year 6. In the session children wrote their own riddles. Here are some... 


20 clattery claws. 

4 slimy creepers. 

1 whipety whack. 

Jagged jaws. 

Scary scales. 

What am I? 


4 rapid runners. 

2 floppy flaps. 

Lots of zig zags. 

1 bushy whooshy. 

And a sticky stalk. 

What am I? 


Alert aviators. 

Brilliant brancher. 

Elongated ends. 

Slick snappers. 

Pin-prick peepers. 

What am I? 


On Tuesday, Year 5 and 6 went to  the pavilion to watch Daniel perform- what a treat!