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Year 6- Safer Schools Community Team Visit

This week, Year 6 have been joined by Stuart from The Safer Schools Community Team. Our discussion centred around on-line safety. Here is a summary of what we discussed: 

  1. On-line chats should be positive.
  2. Think before sending a message.
  3. Everyone in Year 6 is above the age of criminal responsibility.
  4. Digital footprint are left by everything we do on-line.
  5. On-line bullying involves a range of behaviours: leaving someone out; being unkind; threatening; deliberately embarrassing someone; and using inappropriate language. 
  6. Age limits are established by the creators of content. 
  7. If it doesn't feel right, it isn't. 
  8. The Nan Test: if you wouldn't share it with your nan, it isn't suitable. 

Did you know 35% of the children said they wouldn't show their parents everything on their phones!